“The book is growing slowly…What can I tell you about it? Nothing, except that it’s by far the most important thing I’m doing, & I intend to do it as well as I possibly can. When it’s finished, you’ll hear about it, I guarantee.”
-The genius himself, Philip Pullman.

Inspiring authors of children’s & young-adult literature

Philip Pullman, author of His Dark Materials

The brilliant Alan Bradley & his pip cohort Flavia de Luce

Master crafter of fantasy and dreams Charles de Lint

Steampunk extraordinaire, Paolo Bacigalupi

Travel to World War I with Scott Westerfeld

Arthur Slade’s The Hunchback’s Assignments

The illustrious J.K. Rowling Her harvard commencement speech (a must watch!)

John Cleese on creativity

My ever inspiring family

Mary Jo Wilson, PhD

James Wilson, LCSW

Artist Nicole Wilson

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