Interviews & Events

• The Voiceover Hour Live "Audiobooks 101: Growing Opportunities"
• Host of Ahab on Clubhouse
• "Who Do They Think You Are" APA webinar
• Voiceover Network Webcast: Ahab and the New Frontier of Audio Production
Mike Lenz VO Podcast
All Over Voiceover with Kiff VH Podcast
VO Meter Podcast
A VO's Journey Podcast
• Voiceover Pros: Audiobook All-Stars on ClubHouse
• J. Rodney Turner's Podcast
• International APA Social
• ALA Midwinter (Panels: Behind the Mic & Recording Graphic Novels)
• The NYC Audiobook Business Workshop 2020
Ahab Live on Instagram
• Ask a Casting Director 2020 (APAC Webinar)
• ACTRA Webcast 2020
The Audiobook Speakeasy Podcast (ep. 70)
When Stars Are Scattered BookPage Interview
• 25 Hottest Creative Influencers of 2020 Magazine
• VO Atlanta 2021
VO Buzz Weekly (I)
VO Buzz Weekly (II)
• The NYC Audiobook Business Workshop
The Children’s Book Podcast (Roller Girl) 
• Leonard Dozier's VO Webinar
• SAG/AFTRA talk at LA Headquarters
• Deyan Institute Master Class
• The New England Narrator Weekend Retreat
Writer's Bone Podcast
PRH: Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls Podcast 
The Children’s Book Podcast (Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls)
• Psychology of Cyber Space with Steve Durbin Podcast
The Audiobook Speakeasy Podcast (ep. 19)
• Ask a Casting Director: APA Master Class
• The LA Audiobook Business Workshop (w/ Scott Brick & Johnny Heller)
• UCLA: Acting for the Microphone with Scott Brick
• Symphony Space Book Camp
• Your Playlist Needs Help: Audiobooks (YALLWEST)
• NYU Futures in Publishing
• Brown Bag Speakers Series (Penguin Random House)
• YPG Digital: Have You Heard? The Audiobook Renaissance
• Covered by Harry C Marks ep. 14
• Inside the Recording Studio at BookCon
• PRH: All About Audiobooks

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