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Narrate Your Audiobook

with Julie Wilson

I have spent my entire 15+ year career inspiring and developing the global audiobook community. Best-selling authors, celebrities, politicians, and influential creators have entrusted me with bringing their written stories to life on audio.


Now, let’s talk about you. I often find that audio storytelling is a brand new adventure for authors. You may be excited or intimidated about the idea of bringing your words to life using your own voice. Or you may be considering hiring a narrator to voice your audiobook. 


I am here to help. 


As an award-winning producer and coach, I am grateful to be living out my creative dreams of guiding talent like you to amplify their storytelling abilities. This means something different for every client.


In our sessions, we can focus on preparing you to record your audiobook with key performance strategies tailored to your strengths. Or you may prefer my counsel on finding the right voice for your recordings. Either of these paths deserve a thoughtful guide who will help you make the right decisions for your words. 


You can expect me to be positive, authentic, strategic, and honest.

That is who I am outside of the recording booth and thus who I am as coach.

General Guidelines


  • Performance Guidance

  • Directed Sessions

  • Script Prep

  • Casting Decisions

  • Identity & Underrepresented Voices


  • Amplify Your Voice

  • Branding

  • Media Training (Podcasts, On Camera etc.)

  • Networking & Community Building (Clubhouse, Workshops etc.)

  • Online Presence & Social Media (Website, Instagram, Twitter, & TikTok)


Additional questionsReach out to me directly.

Voiceover| Audiobooks | Public Speaking



1 hour
*Packages at reduced rates are available below.

I personalize sessions to clients' needs and experience levels.
Areas of Focus: Performance, Branding, Networking, Social Media, & Amplifying Your Voice.


Let's define your goals and create a game plan together.



4 pack


Package includes 4 1-hour sessions

$275 per session


6 pack

Package includes 6 1-hour sessions

$275 per session

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cast & produced by Julie Wilson

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