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with Julie Wilson

We each have our own individual reasons for speaking publicly. You may be a CEO who regularly presents to employees and stakeholders. You may be launching a podcast and need help developing your voice. You may be preparing to propose to the love of your life or to officiate your best friend's wedding. You may be shy on camera and adjusting to presenting virtually to your team and colleagues. All reasons are worthy of training as you prepare for the biggest milestones in your professional and personal life.

I personalize every session to my clients’ individual needs and experience levels, and I am delighted to work with newbies as well as seasoned public speakers. Scroll down for my current offerings and to sign-up for a session.

For those of you who are unsure of your voice... Public speaking doesn't have to be intimidating. It can actually be fun and exhilarating with the right training and mindset. I strive to inspire you, be that experienced friend/colleague whom you can bounce ideas off of, and ultimately nurture a memorable performance when you are on stage, in a virtual meeting or boardroom.

New to Public Speaking: Welcome, newbies! No matter how excited or nervous you are about speaking publicly for the first time, we can hone your voice, calm your nerves, and develop a stage presence that is uniquely your own.

Seasoned Public Speakers: Developing effective public communication skills is key to inspiring and connecting with wide audiences and ultimately motivating them toward action. We will work one-on-one on crafting, rehearsing, and preparing your performances for success. My goal is to inspire confidence in your presentation skills and give you the tools to deliver during your biggest professional milestones. In 2022 that means preparing for both virtual and in-person engagements.

Special Occasions & Personal Events: Milestone events only come around once in a lifetime. I coach clients to prepare for weddings, receptions, proposals, retirement parties, birthdays, and graduations. If you have a special event coming up in your life in which you will speak in front of others, we can hone your performance together. There is an art to finding your voice and standing before an audience with confidence balanced by vulnerability. How you appear on a literal or virtual stage will be unique to who you are as a person. Let's work together to make sure you are prepared to shine during life's standout moments.

I will send you a quick get-to-know-you questionnaire before any coaching session or workshop so that we can take off running once we meet virtually face-to-face.

General Guidelines for Public Speaking Coaching


Script/Speech Writing

Finding Your Voice

Managing Nerves


Getting in the Right Mindset

Crafting Visual Presentations


Speaking with Confidence

Engaging Your Audience

Developing Stage Presence 

Body Language

Effective Communication

Empowering Your Voice

Live Feedback & Rehearsals (For Virtual & In-Person Engagements)


General Problem Solving

Don’t see what you need listed above? No problem. Just let me know what you’re interested in working on together, and I will be happy to help.


Available Now


Public Speaking

1 hour
*Packages at reduced rates are available below.

Whether you are a CEO, podcast host, or officiant at a friend's wedding,
we could all use guidance when it comes to public speaking.

Let's find your voice and hone your presentation skills together.

Public Speaking Packages

Available Now


4 pack


Package includes 4 1-hour sessions

$425 per session


6 pack

Package includes 6 1-hour sessions

$400 per session


10 pack


Package includes 10 1-hour sessions

$375 per session

Let's find your voice together.

Have additional questions about public speaking coaching?
Reach out to me directly.

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