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with Julie Wilson

Elevate Performance • Audition Better

Branding • Networking • Growth

Below are general guidelines for what we will cover during our private coaching sessions and workshops. I will personalize sessions to your individual needs and experience levels, and I am delighted to work with newbies as well as seasoned, award-winning narrators.


New Narrators: Welcome! I recommend starting with Audiobooks 101: Become a Narrator. This private, 4-week intensive will walk you through everything you need to know about joining the audiobook industry and becoming a narrator. Designed for clients who have recorded 0-10 audiobooks, you will learn how the industry works, who the major players are, and what the process of recording an audiobook is from start to finish. We will work closely on choosing and recording samples, genre selection, performance, auditioning, and script prep. Finally, we will discuss how and where to network and build your own community.

Seasoned Narrators: Through ongoing coaching, I guide clients from both a strategic and performance perspective. I believe in looking at the whole picture, not just what you record in the booth. That means talking through your professional network, how you engage with the industry, and what you can do to best represent yourself both in-person and online. Our first session will dig into who you are as a narrator, your current successes and pain points. We will then define your big picture goals so that we can design a game plan to prepare you for success. I know you want to level up your career by auditioning more effectively and landing more jobs. I also want to make sure that we're aligning your brand and the content you voice with who you are as a person. This will set you up for a career that is fueled by a deep well of passion and inspiration.

General Guidelines


  • Feedback on Samples & Performance

  • Directed Sessions

  • Genre Selection

  • Audition Better

  • Script Prep

  • Recording Samples


  • Level Up Your Career

  • Empower Identity & Underrepresented Voices

  • Branding

  • Career Pivots (New Genres, Evaluating Your Voice, & Branding)

  • Networking (Casting Directors, APA Membership etc.)

  • Community Building (Clubhouse, Workshops etc.)

  • Developing Online Presence (Ahab Talent, Website etc.)

  • Social Media (Instagram, Twitter, & TikTok)


Additional questions? Reach out to me directly.


I am currently booked for private coaching.


Join my waitlist to save your spot in line. If you are already a client of mine, you do not have to rejoin my waitlist. Email me directly to book your next session.

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