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Coaching | Workshops with Julie Wilson

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I have spent my entire 15+ year career inspiring, growing, and collaborating with the global audiobook community.
As an award-winning producer, public speaker, interviewer, mentor at workshops/conferences, and creator of Ahab Talent, I have taken great care to nurture actors’ performances and careers. I love learning about what drives people both in and outside of the recording booth. We are all humans, first and foremost, and who you are in life directly shapes who you are as a performer. 
I strive to inspire you, be that experienced friend/colleague whom you can bounce ideas off of, and ultimately nurture your career. This will mean something different for every client. I love exploring the nuances of what makes you special and highly marketable.

I am guided by a blend of positivity, authenticity, strategy, and honesty. That is who I am outside of the recording booth and thus who I am as coach.

I personalize all of my private sessions to my clients’ individual needs and experience levels, and I am thrilled to work with newbies as well as seasoned performers. Maintaining a dynamic roster of clients ensures that I continue to hone my skillset as a coach.
Enough about me. Let’s talk about YOU and your career.
If you have any questions whatsoever, reach out via email and/or book a private coaching session.


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Voiceover | Audiobook Narration

1 hour
*Packages at reduced prices are available here:

Voiceover Coaching.

I cater private sessions to my voiceover clients' individual needs.
Areas of Focus: Auditioning, Performance, Branding, Networking, Social Media, & Leveling Up Your Career.


Let's define your goals and create a game plan together.


Public Speaking

1 hour
*Packages at reduced prices are available here:

Public Speaking Coaching.


Whether you are a CEO, podcast host, or officiant at a friend's wedding, we could all use guidance when it comes to public speaking.


Let's find your voice and hone your presentation skills together.


Available Now


4 private 1-hour sessions

Brand new to audiobooks? This 4-week private intensive is designed to launch your career in audiobook narration.

I will teach you everything you need to know about joining the industry and becoming a narrator.

Recommended for clients who have recorded 0-10 audiobooks, you will learn how the industry works, who the major players are, and what the process of recording an audiobook is from start to finish. We will work closely on choosing and recording samples, genre selection, performance, auditioning, and script prep. Finally, we will discuss how and where to network and build your own community.

By the end of this course, you will have the tools and confidence to launch your career in audiobook narration.


Available Now


Register with 5+ Friends

$275 per person - 2 hours
*Must register as a group.
Live feedback on voiceover performance, branding, networking, & leveling up your career in audiobooks. Every workshop is catered to its members' experience levels & professional aspirations.
Email me directly with any questions.

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