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Coaching | Workshops with Julie Wilson

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Julie Wilson Voiceover Audiobooks Podcasts Public Speaking Coach
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I have spent my entire 15+ year career inspiring and developing the global audiobook community.


As an award-winning producer, public speaker, interviewer, and industry leader, I have taken great care to nurture actors' performances and careers. I love learning about what drives people both in and outside of the recording booth. We are all humans, first and foremost, and who you are in life directly shapes who you are as a performer.


I strive to inspire you, be that experienced colleague whom you can bounce ideas off of, and ultimately nurture your career. This will mean something different for every client. Together we will explore what makes you special and highly marketable.


You can expect me to be positive, authentic, strategic, and honest.

That is who I am outside of the recording booth and thus who I am as coach.


Learn more:

If you have any questions whatsoever, reach out or book a session.


Voiceover | Audiobooks

$300 / 1 hour

I personalize sessions to clients' needs and experience levels.
Areas of Focus: Auditioning, Performance, Branding, Networking, Social Media, & Leveling Up Your Career.


Let's define your goals and create a game plan together.

Public Speaking | Presentations

$450 / 1 hour

Whether you are a CEO, podcast host, or officiant at a friend's wedding, we could all use guidance when it comes to public speaking.


Let's find your voice and hone your presentation skills together.


cast & produced by Julie Wilson

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